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Reproductive health of adolescents: problems and solutions

In today's world, the issues of adolescent reproductive health are becoming increasingly important and require a comprehensive approach from society and the medical system. Early onset of sexual activity, lack of awareness of contraceptive methods and their improper use lead to serious consequences, such as unwanted pregnancies and deterioration of the general health of adolescents. This topic was raised today at a press conference of the Regional Communication Service,. Zhaneta Nurmanbetova, Deputy Head of the Regional Health Department, told about the current situation in our region.

According to Zhaneta Nurmanbetova, since the beginning of the year 14% of adolescents aged 15-18 were pregnant. Of these, 57% ended the pregnancy by childbirth, 27% by induced abortion, and 16% had a spontaneous miscarriage. These statistics show an alarming trend leading to a deterioration in the reproductive health of adolescents. Reproductive and somatic health disorders of girls and adolescents directly affect childbearing, as well as future maternal and infant mortality rates.

In order to preserve health and ensure favorable conditions for providing free qualified medical, psychological, social and legal assistance to adolescents and young people, a youth health center is functioning on the basis of the Taldykorgan City Polyclinic. This center promotes correct reproductive behavior, which raises awareness among adolescents about contraceptive methods and the importance of their use.

Adolescents' reproductive health problems require a comprehensive approach that includes educational initiatives, medical care and social support. The work of youth health centers and family planning offices plays a key role in preventing unwanted pregnancies and preserving adolescent health. However, continued efforts to raise awareness and ensure access to all necessary resources for adolescents are necessary to achieve positive results.