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Lazzat Suleimen Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Flood-Affected Women in Arkalyk

Lazzat Suleimen, Deputy Chairperson of the National Commission for Women’s Affairs and Family-Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, arrived in the city of Arkalyk in the Kostanay region along with members of the regional women's commission to provide humanitarian aid to women and their families affected by the flood.

Together with representatives of the public headquarters, Lazzat Suleimen met with the residents affected by the flood and visited several families who had received new homes in Arkalyk, funded by the government and sponsors, as their previous houses were deemed unrepairable. Elders, men, women, and young women expressed their gratitude for the prompt measures taken by the state in such a difficult situation. "In the first days, we were very confused, but the whole nation united, and we immediately felt the support," said the affected residents.

Humanitarian aid sent by the Women’s Commission of East Kazakhstan Region was delivered to a specially equipped warehouse. The aid included yurts, food, and clothing. Residents who missed the deadline to submit claims for compensation sought assistance in having their applications accepted. They were advised on the legal procedures for appealing to the court to resolve this issue.

Lazzat Suleimen also visited the construction site of a five-story, 50-apartment residential building in Arkalyk, intended for residents whose homes were destroyed by the flood. She spoke with the builders and reviewed the blueprints of the future apartments.

According to Arkalyk data, 959 applications for flood damage had been received. A total of 453 houses were submerged, of which 366 are repairable, and 87 have been deemed unfit for repair. From the government fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 405 million tenge were allocated, purchasing houses for 31 families. One family received a house worth 12 million tenge funded by sponsors, and through the "Ayala" fund, 33 families were provided with housing worth 518 million tenge. Currently, construction of homes in a wintering area is underway for five residents. Seventeen families are awaiting apartments in a new multi-story building being constructed by the "BAZIS-A" construction company.